Got Bugs in My Bed

The itchy wheal and flare on my skin right now has pushed me back to the blogosphere for an insomniac rant. The little troubles of life have an interesting way of stirring the creative juices within, I fathom. My current predicament- I am the irritated victim of a vicious bed bug attack. I can almost see all the question marks levitating from your scalp, so, sit down. We will address the matter as it is.

Yes, I said bed bugs. And, yes, I am in my bed. No, my hygene is no where near bad. I shower twice a day, clean my beddings frequently and my room just as much. And yes, I have changed beds: technically because I am no longer at home but back in the campus public hostels. And lastly, yes, I would rather be struggling to go back to sleep now because I have an early morning lecture on neonatal health. But since we are here, you would not mind reading on now, would you?

So, to reiterate- bugs are on my case. This is my third night at the hostel. Having spent the early part of last week settling my fees, cleaning up and revamping this room, moving in, and catching up with some Emergency Triage training, I rightfully deserve a peaceful weekend night in the sack, or not.

As I type this, my immune system will not let me. The viscious bug-bites are foreign to my body and an over reaction was inevitable. I am swollen on the skin focus of said attacks. I even had to wake up to confirm that I have enough face left to look like ‘me’ when sun finally graces day a few hours from now.

Ergo, why are bugs in my bed, brutally leaving me bereft of my blood? As far as I am concerned, someone refused to do their job. Common sense dictates that during long vacations, hostel rooms and furniture including mattresses should be cleaned, disinfected and sprayed by caretaking authorities. That is why accomodation fees are paid in the first place- for the maintenance of sleeping quarters.

Unfortunately, someone somewhere insists on letting go of their responsibility. This aloof and lackadaisical approach to duty is probably backed up by greed. I suppose that the funds allotted to ensure that subsequent occupants like myself have an easy time settling in when school reopens were re-channeled to service a couple of greedy guts.

This same mentality is reflected in many aspects of the Kenyan public sector today. Funds for public use are gormandized by a ‘priviledged’ few while the larger populace is left wallowing in the quagmire of a defunct society. Many projects allocated to the locals are barely ever completed due to the above. Third class, derelict and sometimes non existent utilities are the consequence of such selfish undertakings. Complaints usually fall on uninterested ears and are often batted down with callous indifference. Those who thrive are those who take matters into their own hands.

Consequently, I should probably take time to re-clean and re-disinfect my room and re-exterminate the so far resilient hemipterans. I possess neither the luxury of time nor the patience to follow up the lazy authorities on this one.

However, I must mention my dire disappointment in the fact that whereas they deserve it the most, those who sleep on their jobs are seemingly far placed from the such stinging discomfort of bloodthirsty bugs. If that were the case, they would not sleep on for too long.

Hindsight, life can be unfair sometimes, but I refuse to resign to the trivial constrains of such belief. Change beckons.